Sunday, January 17, 2016

It is no laughing matter

KCR’s son and Minister for IT and Panchayat Raj KTR, finally told the truth about what he and his family and the TRS think about the people of Telangana.
Recently at a meeting in Hyderabad KTR said the TRS can be renamed to Telugu Rashtra Samithi and that he can contest from Bhimavaram.  Seeing the public’s reaction to the statement he explained it away saying it was a joke. Telangana State is not a joke, and the sentiments of the Telangana people is not a joking matter. Telangana was not got easily, we had to fight for 44 years to attain statehood, our children bore the brunt of police brutality and hundreds sacrificed their lives for Telangana, 369 students were shot dead in 1969 and 1400 youth committed suicide from 2009 to 2014.
But, after Telangana was formed we made the mistake of trusting our State’s future with a man who has no interest in our State’s progress or the welfare of its people. In the last eighteen months the people who fought for Telangana are leading their same old miserable lives, not a single family of the martyrs has received a job or the promised land, only 35 families have got the promised Rs.10 lacs, while KCR and family are ruling the state like it is their inherited property. So who was KTR laughing at when he made the statement, the 370 youth who fell to police firing in 1969 or the 1400 plus students who committed suicide in the last few years for Telangana. Everyone knows KCR took up the Telangana statehood issue to settle scores with Naidu, and now KTR has shown what he and his family think of Telangana and it’s sacrifices.
The notification for jobs has not been announced on the frivolous reason that the bifurcation of employees is not complete. And now KTR says all settlers are part of Telangana and they have equal rights. Not only this Telangana Government contracts worth thousands of crores are still being awarded to Andhra businesses leaving the Telangana people in the cold. The contract jobs which were all taken by Andhra settlers may be regularized at the cost of Telangana people. And in the GHMC elections KCR and TRS has issued tickets to the Seemaandhra people leaving Telangana workers empty handed.
So when KTR said he was joking he was right. KCR and family have been laughing at hoodwinking the innocent people of Telangana and leading them down the proverbial Garden path. It is time now for the people of Telangana to unite and fight against these seemandhra stooges and force the TRS and KTR to go to Bhimavaram with his Telugu Rashtra Samithi. Let us start with Hyderabad by supporting Independent local Telangana leaders in the GHMC elections and defeat the TRS ie Telugu Rashtra Samithi.

Jai Telangana

Friday, January 1, 2016

Telangana being run by Gulab Gang

2014 saw the dawn of Telangana state and for of us the year passed off in the euphoria of finally living and breathing in our own state. And we realized it 2014 gave way to 2015.
As 2015 dawned it was with hope that finally after 56 years the people of Telangana can aspire to getting the 200000 plus Government jobs, that were there for the asking the contract employees finally getting justice by regularization of jobs, an end to farmer suicides and finally  reclamation of illegally occupied and encroached lands, an improvement in the State’s infrastructure Sanitation, water supply etc, an improvement in the education sector better  quality of education Government schools, and respite from the greedy private school mafia and finally better medical facilities. Sadly for us, none of our dreams and aspirations were fulfilled.
Sadly for us, 2015 was one of the worst years in the history of Telangana. Of the 200000 plus jobs, just a few hundreds were filled, the Contract employees continue to work as outsourcing staff with no benefits, sadly the farmer suicides reached an alltime high touching nearly 2000 in the last six months. And the condition of living conditions, Government education, Government hospitals have declined.
For the last 18 months the people of Telangana have been fed lies and false promises by a ALL TALK NO ACTION CHIEF MINISTER AND HIS GOVERNMENT. If the grapewine is to be believed the cabinet is a puppet with no powers. No one expect from the family has the authority to take decisions, no minister can sign any order unless it has been previously approved by the family.
But all that was still acceptable, what is not the erosion of democracy and Governance to be replaced by gangland style of functioning of the State Government. Functioning of the Government in Telangana today resembles the D Kompany, the modus operandi to tackle opposition in taken straight out of D Kompany, first ask and promise if words do not do the work then use the Government machinery to intimidate and make them surrender. It started off with a trickle to induce the fringe elements from the other parties to join the TRS bandwagon and is now the unwritten way of working.
In all this the dreams and aspirations of the people have been reduced to ashes. The Telangana Praja Samithi cannot sit back and see the State it fought for 45 years from 1969 to 2014 be sacrificed at the greed of a few people. Telangana belongs to its Praja and not the rulers the Rajas who are running it as their private rashtra, Telangana Praja Samithi will continue its fight for the right of the people of Telangana, Telangana’s Praja and will not rest till the fruits of Statehood reach each and every Telangana vadu.

Jai Telangana

Monday, April 7, 2014


Telangana Praja Samithi promises

  1. Pension for all those who participated in the 1969 Telangana Movement and Government jobs for one family member of the Amaraveeralu of the current agitation.
Telangana Praja Samithi, promises that it will provide pension to all those who were part of the 1969 Telangana agitation. They have sowed the seeds for the new state, and it is a very small gesture of gratitude from us, and the future of Telangana to our elders. We will also provide opportunities for jobs in the Government for one person from the family of all those who have sacrificed their life for Telangana.

  1. All cases registered during the Telangana Movement against students and NGO’s to be lifted.

  1. Academic year 2013-2014 to be declared a ZERO FAIL Year, for SSC, Intermediate, Degree and Post Graduate courses.
Our students have borne the brunt of our struggle and faced the lathis and government persecution head on. The students and the teaching faculty are apprehensive of the vengeance that the Seemandhra teachers and people correcting the answer sheets for all board and university exams will vent on the students of Telangana. We have seen how the students of Telangana were deliberately failed in earlier years, and this year the failure rate will be much higher because of the harsh and vicious correction of answer scripts by the evaluators of Seemandhra. Telangana Praja Samithi will blunt this attempt to sabotage the careers of our students by making the 2013-2014 academic year, a ZERO FAIL year. All students appearing for SSC, Intermediate, and Degree and Post Graduate exams conducted in Telangana will be passed in all subjects the student appears for.

  1. Telangana Praja Samithi will continue its fight to protect the soil and water of Telangana. We will not let go even an inch of Telangana’s soil or a drop of water that belongs to Telangana to other states. The 135 villages in Khammam that have been illegally transferred to Andhra Pradesh will not be relinquished.

  1. Telangana Praja Samithi will reclaim the lands in Telangana and Hyderabad that were given unlawfully to the Seemaandhra settlers.  Telangana Praja Samithi will especially relook at the lands in Telangana that were allotted to the Seemaandhra’s from the beginning of 1983.

  1. Nativity to be considered for employment in Telangana. All personnel who have secured employment in Telangana unlawfully will be sent back to their home state
  2. The educated and technically qualified youth of today enters the private sector with hopes and aspirations, but in quiet a few cases the Management fails to pay the wages for months on end, citing various reasons, pushing the young into a financial mess. To address this we will set up a Salary Assurance Fund, for the people working in the private sector. This fund will provide financial support to those employed in the private sector if their Management fails to pay their salaries.

  1. Government industries sold off to private players and now closed will be reclaimed and restarted

  1. Telangana Praja Samithi will regularize the services of all contract and daily wage employees.

  1. Telangana Praja Samithi will at a minimum allocate 8% of the Government Expenditure for education, a major part of this will be to set up primary and adult education centers and Government schools in the tribal and remote districts.

  1. We propose to set up a primary school for every 10,000 people in rural areas and a primary school for every 20000 people in urban areas. To address the education needs of people living in the tribal belts, we aim to combine skill development at the adult level with primary education.

  1. Promote English education, for the youth of Telangana to be a part of the global growth story they have to learn, to speak and read English. We will also protect the local language whether it is Telugu, Hindi, or Urdu as the first and second language.

  1. Telangana Praja Samithi set up Universities in Khammam, Karimnagar, Nalgonda and a Women’s University in Mahaboobnagar.

  1. Establish a Health University in Hyderabad, and Government Medical colleges in all Telangana districts.

  1. Establish livelihood training centers in the backward and tribal areas.

  1. Telangana Praja Samithi will set up a Government medical college and multi-specialty hospital in every district headquarter of Telangana. And a Primary Health care center/community hospital for every cluster of 1,00,000 people in Urban areas and 10,000 in rural areas.

  1. Doctors and nurses serving hospitals in the rural areas will be paid a hardship allowance to incentivize them. Also every doctor who completes 5 years of service in a rural hospital will be eligible for further education in a foreign University to be sponsored by the Government.

  1. Super specialty hospitality on the lines of AIIMS to be set up in Hyderabad.
  1. Promote health tourism in Telangana.

  1. Set up at a minimum 10000 birthing centers in village clusters, serviced by trained midwives with access to the latest in prenatal and post natal medical care. This will help reduce the Maternal Mortality Rate and Infant Mortality rate in Telangana.

  1. Telangana Praja Samithi will develop and promote Hyderabad as the disaster recovery and second site for the Financial and Banking industry in Mumbai. A financial and banking services corridor to be developed connecting Hyderabad, Mahboobnagar and Bangalore.

  1. Develop each district as a hub of a specific industry for eg. Warangal to be developed as a hub for the textile industry with incentives and tax benefits, Nizamabad to set up as hub of sugar and confectionery and food processing industry.

  1. Development of a second airport in Telangana

  1. Solar and Wind energy parks will be developed

  1. We will provide uninterrupted power to industry and incentivize industry using non- conventional energy sources

  1. Incentives for job creation and hiring of people belonging to the disadvantaged sections of society

  1. Privatization of Government undertakings to be stopped

  1. Efforts will be made to set up a Railway Coach factory in Warangal

  1. To aid Grassroot entrepreneurship, Telangana Praja Samithi will set up an Entrepreneur Support Center that will provide guidance and support to small time entrepreneurs in setting up their business

  1. Power generated in Telangana will be used in Telangana only

  1. Where the coal from Telangana is being sold to power plants in Andhra Pradesh, a mechanism for pricing will be negotiated again

  1. Power deficit in T-state must be compensated by the Central government

  1. We propose to setup atleast two thermal power plants in Telangana
  1. Telangana Praja Samithi will provide Rs. 5 lakh ex gratia to the families of the farmers who have committed suicide, within three months of the completion of the investigation

  1. A special package of Rs.1500 crore for the waiver of loans for the farmers, whose crops have been damaged in the recent hailstorms

  1. Crop insurance scheme to be set for the farmers

  1. Telangana Praja Samithi promises day-time electricity for farmers by shifting to solar pump sets and solar power and by prioritizing agriculture in power supply

  1. Conservation, protection and restoration of lakes and water bodies will be the priority of the Telangana Praja Samithi.

  1. We will build water tanks and lakes and reduce reliance on river water for irrigation and drinking water

  1. For the safety and security of women, Telangana Praja Samithi will set up Rani Rudramma Devi camps, which will train women in self-defense and also provide basic life skills to women and young girls.

  1. TPS will set up a Rapid Response Team with a single hot line number for Women

  1. We will provide incentives to the private sector if women form more than 40% of their workforce

  1. We will build and strengthen the road network in Telangana. We propose to link even the remotest village or hamlet to the National Highway network, by constructing tar and cement roads.

  1. We will promote tourism in Telangana

  1. We will make access to public places disabled friendly

Preface to the Manifesto of Telangana Praja Samithi

After more than 50 years of Struggle the people of Telangana, have achieved their right to determine their own destiny, it is with the vision of development and social justice that Telangana state has been formed. Development and Social Justice are the twin pillars of a healthy and secure society, one without the other is hollow and short-lived, Development without social justice will lead to skewed growth, with pockets of affluence amidst a sea of deprivation, and social justice without development is a non-starter. Development with Social Justice is the need of the hour, and the only way forward for any state. The manifesto of Telangana Praja Samithi aims to address this core belief of ours and aims to fulfill the aspirations of the thousands who have struggled relentlessly for the state of Telangana.

It is sad, that just a few weeks into the new state, we have the same people who are synonymous with corruption, intimidation, and nepotism, vying for public office. What Telangana needs is a clean and caring, efficient and enlightened government. Telangana Praja Samithi intends to be the Government that Telangana needs, a government that serves the people that facilitates development and equality.

The challenges in Telangana are many, on the one hand we have a flourishing city at the peak of technological advancement, while in the tribal areas children still do not go to school and literary is near zero. On the one hand Hyderabad is a destination for medical tourism while on the other we have thousands of villages with no access to primary health care, the challenge for the Government will be to maintain the former on the fast track and also work hard to bring the backward regions and people on par with global living standards.

The Telangana Praja Samithi believes an environment must be created for businesses to grow, but grow honestly and not through crony capitalism.

Besides entry to public office especially into the main stream political arena is slowly being confined to a few by virtue of birth, we are slowly seeing a slow and systematic exclusion of public participation in public life at all levels. Right from the grassroots of the system, the Panchayats to the highest levels of the Government, posts are being claimed and granted on the basis of birth and patrilineal and matrilineal heritage. Telangana Praja Samithi is against this exclusivist and elitist culture and believes that each and every citizen of India has an equal right to aspire for and hold public office. We hope to be the change agent for the reformation of public life.

We have endeavored to address the issues we believe are critical to the Development of Telangana, and we would have achieved our objective if it serves as a starting point for a new way of thinking, working and living in Telangana.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Srikantt Chary’s mother seeks support from Telangana Praja Samithi for Palakurthy Assembly seat

Shankaramma mother of Late Srikanth Chary, has approached Telangana Praja Samithi, for support to contest the Palakurthi Assembly Constituency in Warangal District.
Srikanth Chary, set himself on fire, on November 29, 2009 when K Chandrasekahr Rao was taken into police custody. He later succumbed to his burns but this attempt of his set in a heartrending trend of young boys and girls committing suicide for Telangana. Shankaramma, had earlier approached TRS President, K  Chandrasekahr Rao for an assembly ticket from Palakurthy. According to her brother, Ravi Chary, who accompanied her to the meeting, KCR heard their petition and also agreed that their demand was justified. But declined to give her the ticket saying, “where will you get the money to contest the Elections.” Shankaramma commented, “My son has sacrificed his life for Telangana, and if I am denied a ticket because of my financial conditions, then his sacrifice has been in vain.”
The Telangana Praja Samithi, leaders concurred that Telangana has gained statehood because of the will of the people of Telangana to carry on a protracted struggle for 50 years. Neera Kishore, Vice President of TPS condemned the callous disregard of Shankaramma’s request. She said, “Each and every citizen of Telangana irrespective of birth or financial condition or caste and religion has an equal right to lead the State and contribute to its Development. Entry into Politics and allotment of tickets for contesting elections solely based on considerations of birth or money power is the biggest disease plaguing Indian Politics., and Telangana Praja Samithi is against this hijacking of political opportunities by the families of a handful of Individuals. TRS is giving tickets to the entire family of KCR, including cousins, and sons and daughters for the Assembly and Lok Sabha, and does not wish to entertain any requests from representatives of the thousands who sacrificed their lives for Telangana.  This just shows that KCR believes Telangana to be his private property.”
Sanuallah, General Secretary, Telangana Praja Samithi, said, “I request all Telangana parties to allot atleast 1% of the tickets to the families of those who have sacrificed their lives for Telangana. Telangana Praja Samithi, extends its support to the kith and kin of all those who laid down their lives for Telangana, and are desirous of working for the development of the State.”
Telangana Praja Samithi, contested and won 11 of the 14 lok sabha seats in the 1971 elections and will be contesting for all the seats in the 2014 General Elections.

Neera Kishore

Sunday, March 9, 2014

The story behind the Telangana Martyrs Memorial, Gun Park, Hyderabad

In 1971, the Telangana Movement was called off  and the people returned to their lives. Pratap Kishore, founder of the Telangana Praja Samithi, could not reconcile himself to the memory of the 370 people, mostly students who were killed in police firing. He thought over the issue and finally broached the subject of building a memorial for the Martry’s to Raghuveer Rao and Keshav Rao Jadav the other founders of the Telangana Praja Samithi. The three deliberated on the issue, and decided that the sacrifice of the martyrs should not go unrecognized, they decided to get the Government to build a memorial for the Telangana Martyr’s. Keshav Rao Jadav, was given the task of broaching the subject of building the memorial, with Lakshminarayana, the Mayor of Hyderabad.

When the memorial was suggested to Lakshminarayana, he agreed to take it up with the Chief Minister, Brahmanand Reddy, who shot it down. But both Pratap Kishore and Keshav Rao Jadhav, continued to put pressure on Lakshminarayana to pursue the subject of the Memorial. After much persuasion, Lakshminarayana, went against the wishes of Brahmanand Reddy, and had the resolution for building the Telangana Martyrs Memorial, approved by the Municipal body. The Municipal body agreed to building the memorial, but at the Victoria Play Ground in Chaderghat. Pratap Kishore, Keshav Rao Jadhav, EV Padnabhan and several other participants of the 1969 rejected the venue, saying the only fitting place for the memorial was in the park opposite the Assembly, where the MP’s who were elected in 1971, had taken an oath to continue their fight for Telangana state and also it was the place where several students were killed in firing. Finally the Corporation relented and gave its nod to building the memorial in front of the Assembly.

The Municipal Corporation called for sculptors to submit their designs for the Memorial. And of all the aspirants, Aekka Yadagiri Rao, a promising sculptor was selected and commissioned with the building of the memorial. Once the clearances for building the memorial were obtained, it was felt that just building a monument was not enough it had to be symbolic. Pratap Kishore then called Anthi Williams, an active Telangana fighter, and asked him to speak to the family of the slain students, it they would be willing to dig up the mortal remains of the martrys, and hand them over to be reburied under the memorial.  About three or four families consented to Pratap Kishore’s request and handed over the mortal remains of their sons to Anthi Williams, who then placed these in a black painted iron box  and sealed and buried it, in the site earmarked for the Memorial, a day beefore the memorial was to be inaugurated. The next day, Lakshminarayana, Mayor of Hyderabad, laid the foundation stone of the martyrs memorial. And the park where it is built was christened the Gun Park, to symbolize the guns that were used to massacre unarmed youth demanding their right to their home.

The memorial is 25 feet high, and incorporates five separate sections. The base is of black polished granite, which has nine bullet impressions on four sides to represent the 360 students, who scarified their life's for the cause in 1969. Each of the nine bullet impressions on each side, stands for the nine districts of Telangana, at that time Ranga Reddy was not a district. The black granite is symbolic of the mourning for the heroes. At the base of the memorial, the names of the martyrs are engraved in the black granite. The Government raised the height of the lawns by six inches, thereby hiding the names of the martyrs. The mythological sun-arch above the base was inspired from Sanchi Stupas. The plaques embossed in it on four sides represent the greatness of the cause. Above the sun-arch, nine strips or columns were carved denoting nine districts of Telangana. The specialty of this art piece is one can spot these nine strips from any side view. The meaning conveyed through it was nine districts of Telangana were united and nobody can disintegrate them. Next is the trapezium structure that has a dharma chakra, representing tolerance and truth, on four sides. The red granite represents sacrifice and the chakra for peace and love. The meaning conveyed through this was that Telangana youths sacrificed their lives while fighting for dharma, rights and justice. At the top there is a white lily flower to symbolize the freshness of youth and immortality of the soul.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

India's Parliament attacked by Seemaandhra MP's

Pakistan no longer needs to fund Organisations like the LeT, Indian Mujahideen and several others and incubate terrorists like Hafiz Saeed, Ajmal Kasab or others like them, for why waste time and effort and incur the wrath of the World, when its anti India agenda can be carried out by the likes of Lagadapati Rajagopal , Venugopal and others who can carry out armed attacks within the Parliament of India.

The attack on the Parliamentarians inside the House on 13, February 2014, with chemical sprays and knives led by Ladgapati Rajagopal and Venugopal is an act of war on the Indian Nation. Those carrying out these attacks need to be tried as traitors and anti-India arsonists and awarded the strictest sentence.

The people of India, cannot take this act of aggression on their Parliament lying down, we demand that the Speaker of the Lok Sabha file a case of criminal conspiracy against the Nation on these anti India elements, and they be arrested immediately for endangering the lives of the MP’s and  for carrying out an armed assault.

Lagdapati Rajagopal, Venugopal and the others should be awarded a life ban from contesting any election in India and from holding any Government or Constitutional post in India. The very fact that knives and chemical weapons were brought into the house, inspite of the heavy security and frisking of all personnel entering the Parliament, shows that the act was premeditated and other others are involved in smuggling in these weapons inside the parliament. A judicial enquiry should be instituted to investigate how the weapons were smuggled into the house and who else was involved in planning and carrying out this invasion of democracy.

The attack today was carried out with the aim of subjugating the will of the Parliament and forcing them 12th of July 2006, after the deadly Mumbai train bombings, and refused to be bowed down by the acts of terrorists. So do the Parliamentarians need to defeat the very purpose of this attack and unanimously pass the T Bill. For to keep silent now or take any other action like opposing the bill or boycotting the parliament when it is to be passed will be to give victory to these arsonists and set a precedent for similar tactics to be employed for pressing demands in the future.

The Nation will be proud of you if you collectively defeat the objective of these anti India elements.

Jai Hind

Neera Kishore

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Open Letter to the 15th Lok Sabha

Respected Madam speaker and esteemed members of the Lok Sabha,

We the Citizens of India accepted the argument put forth by our elected representatives that protesting inside the Parliament and Assembly premises and not allowing the function of the Lok Sabha, the Rajya Sabha and the State Assemblies, is also a form of expressing dissatisfaction against the executive’s functioning. But, seeing our legislators resorting to such tactics to sabotage the passage of the Telangana demerger bill has shamed the people of Telangana and India and we cannot remain silent any longer. It is not everyday that a common citizen is forced to write to his/her representatives and law makers reminding them of their oath of office. I am saddened at being forced to write to my MP’s of the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, asking them to be true to the Constitution of India, and allow both the houses of Parliament to function as required by law, and successfully clear the passage of the Telangana bill.

The future of a tenth of India’s population namely the people of Telangana is in your hands, it is within your power to either deliver the long denied justice to the people of Telangana or fall prey to the machinations and moneybag persuasion of the Seemandhra mafia. After more than a half a century of strife and struggle, and the pain of losing thousands of our youth first to the bullets of Brahmanand Reddy Government and most recently to the callous disregard of Kiran Kumar Reddy, Chief of the Seemandhra mafia, Telangana is poised to see the dawn of freedom which was snatched by unconstitutional methods in 1956. None can deny that the people of Telangana have been systematically exploited and impoverished by successive Andhra Governments, innumerable committees and commissions have stated adnauseum that  Telangana has been denied justice.  leaders of all political parties in India, right from NTR, Deve Gowda PM of India, Rajiv Gandhi and also LK Advani, hve expressed similar views and promised to deliver justice to Telangana.   

Finally, today when you have the chance of setting right the injustices done to the people of Telangana, do not let it go in waste. Please rise above petty political one-upmanship and show to the world that we may differ on ideology and principles but when it comes to delivering justice and meeting the just demands of its Citizens we can and will rise above politics. The voices of dissent against this are very strident and very powerful, no less a person than the former Chief Minister of AP, who is today the  protoganist in chief of the Seema Andhra Mafia, is leading the charge against the hapless people of Telangana, and the only protection we have against this powerful oppressor is your conscience and the oath you have taken to uphold the constitution of India.

Where Telangana is concerned, the Constition of India has been violated each and every time, right from the unconstitutional and forcible merger of Hyderabad state with the Andhra state to the attempted rejection of the T bill in the AP Assembly on 30th January, 2014. The forcible merger Hyderabad state with the Andhra state was in violation of due constitutional procedures. The Constitutional process was neither followed then nor in the farce of an Assembly discussion now, Kiran Kumar Reddy and his henchmen in the Assembly have disgraced  Constitution and procedures laid down for conducting the business of the Assembly. The guerilla tactics employed by the Kiran Kumar Reddy in rejecting the T Reorganisation bill, reeks of a back street brawl and is a flagrant disregard of Consitutional processes. The Rules of Business clearly state that a resolution needs an advance notice of ten days, and cannot be moved with no prior notice to the members of the Assembly, this act of Kiran Kumar in which the Speaker was also hand in glove, is an insult to the people of Telangana and Andhra, in depriving our  representatives a chance of think over the resolution and be present to vote on the same, Kiran Kumar has insulted both the Constitution and people of India.

The sole voice of dissent against the passage of the Telangana bill, is the corrupt political and land mafia which has been bank rolling the anti Telangana lobby. I would like to bring to your notice, the reasons why people like Kiran Kumar Reddy, Chanda Babu Naidu, Jagan Mohan Reddy, Lagdapati and the kingpin of the anti Telangana lobby T Subbi Rami Reddy are against the formation of Telangana. Since he was elevated from the ranks of the inconspicuous MLA’s  to the post of Chief Minister of AP, Kiran Kumar Reddy has been on a money making spree, to give an example in Kiran Kumar Reddy within months of being made Chief Minister, though GO 293, approved the change in land use of 33 acres of land in Janwada village in Shankarapally mandal in Ranga Reddy district into residential use zone, against the advise of Experts, earlier GO’s and the Court oders. This Government Order was against GO 111 issued in March 1996 which clearly states that no developmental activity can take place in the catchment areas of the lake bed of Osmansagar and Himayatsagar water bodies, the main source of drinking water for the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. According to the grapewine in the political and real estate circles, Kiran Kumar Reddy issued the GO 293 at the behest of his close family. And today the Real Estate section in the newspapers of Hyderabad is flooded with advertisements for residential apartments and villas in Janwada. It is the fear of having his misdeeds being made public and reversal of such heinous decisions which have imperiled the existence of drinking water sources,  that is root cause of Kiran Kumar’s voice against Telangana.

The unholy nexus between Chandra Babu Naidu and the Chairman of the erstwhile Satyam Computer Services Ltd, Rama Linga Raju is known to all. Both Raju and Naidu have cornered huge tracts of land in the areas marked for expansion of GHMC limits. Not only that Naidu had during his tenure as the CM of AP, gifted large tracts of land for developing IT industry to his friends and cronies, most of which have been used for developing residential and commercial buildings. It is the fear of having these come to light and the benami lands he and his family have acquired along with his friend Ramalinga Raju, that is the prime motivator of Naidu’s opposition to Telangana state. Not only that, Naidu to promote his diary Unit Heritage, has undermined the performance of the APDDC diary units, so much so that almost all the top Management and technical posts in Heritage are  from the APDDC.

Now we come to Jagan Mohan Reddy, the less said about him the better. The cases against him and too long to be penned here.

Lagdapati like Rama Linga Raju and several others prospered under the politician and land mafia nexus of Naidu and later YSR, Jagan Mohan Reddy’s father. His company’s biggest project in Hyderabad Lanco Hills, is being built on Wakf land, it is the fear of having these illegal projects questioned and scrapped that is his fueling his opposition to Telangana.

T Subbi Rami Reddy,  made his fortune as a contractor for the construction of Nagarjuna Sagar. , He is the most influential and the prime mover and shaker, stage managing the Anti Telangana lobby from behind the curtains. Whether it is road construction, building Government offices, or providing Security to any small or large Government office or Exhibition, any and every work the Government of AP has allotted in the last 50 years, TSR’s Gayatri group a piece of the Government’s pie has gone into the coffers of TSR and Gayatri group.

So esteemed members of Parliament the fight for Telangana is between the hapless Telangana people and the land mafia and the Government contractor lobby which is opposed to releasing its death grip on the prey ie Telangana. Today we the people of Telangana bessech you listen to  your conscience and deliver to Telangana a state that was snactched from them. The people of Telangana ask just one thing of you, please set aside your differences for a day and release Telangana from half a century of oppression and exploitation. We the people of Telangana ask that you deliver us from this misery, for to leave the issue pending now is to prolong the agony of an already much abused and exploited people.

You are today at the cross roads of history and the decision you take today will either bring prosperity and plenty to Telangana or plunge it into the depths of gloom and despair, which will prove a fertile ground for anti national elements to prey upon. So listen to your conscience and the cry of 12 crore Indians and say along with us Jai Telangana, the 29th state of India.

Yours sincerely

Neera Kishore

Telangana Praja Samithi